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Sat Aug 24 05:38:38 EDT 2002


We invite you to join the Applied GIS & Remote Sensing mailing list hosted by the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada.

The purpose of this list is to discuss Applied GIS, GPS & Remote Sensing in forestry, geology, biology, agriculture and water management without any restriction on the systems used. Examples of issues that might be addressed include :

Biodiversity | Pollution | Deforestation |  Urbanization | Food Production | Climate Change | Rural Development | Poverty Reduction | Mountain Development | Freshwater Supply

The Applied-GIS-RS list favours questions, comments & contributions on how to efficiently apply these technologies, not on technical software issues (there are other great lists and web boards for that :^).

Example : for a watershed management project should I use raster or vector ? If raster, what is the best pixel size to feed runoff models ?

Applied-GIS-RS is open to everyone. We encourage you to submit your questions & experiences to the list. Feel free to share :

- research projects and results
- valuable experiences
- new technologies & products

TO JOIN : visit http://www.matox.com/agisrs and click on "Join list".

This list is also open to related topics such as management, socio-cultural, political and economic questions which are steadily gaining importance.

Furthermore, it is intended to create and support networking between persons who are interested and engaged in unleashing the power of these technologies to improve the quality of life of all living beings on our Blueplanet.

Best regards,

The Applied-GIS-RS Team

Alexandre Leroux | Daniel Chamberland-Tremblay | Martin Plante | Mathieu Lambert | Pierre Marchand

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