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<h1>GRASS 5.1 Usage Examples</h1>

GRASS 5.1 is currently under development. It is neighter complete (it still
contains only a few modules) nor it is intended to productional usage. 
Development releases are provided for people who want to help test, debug,
and improve GRASS 5.1. Knowing this, please read on.

<h2>Following modules are available at time of this writing</h2>
(see timestamp at bottom)

<li>d.erase d.m d.mon d.path d.rast d.vect d.what.vect d.zoom
<li>db.columns db.createdb  db.describe db.dropdb    db.execute db.tables
    db.connect db.databases db.drivers db.droptable db.select
<li>g.gisenv   g.mapsets  g.region
<li>v.build v.clean.test  v.in.ascii  v.rand.poly
    v.topo.check v.build.polylines v.convert v.info v.shape.register v.to.rast
    v.category v.digit v.out.ascii v.shape.unregister v.clean v.extract
    v.out.ogr v.surf.rst

<h2>Example 1: Registration of a map in SHAPE format</h2>

Maps in SHAPE format can be used directly in GRASS 5.1 without importing

#register SHAPE files (this will copy them into the LOCATION):

v.shape.register markveggy.shp
 Found following integer field(s) in SHAPE file:
 which field do you want to use? Enter name from above list:
 markveggy.shp is registered now.
 The SHAPE files (.shp, shx and .dbf) were copied to:
 Consider to run v.build:
     v.build markveggy.shp

#build pseudo-topology for SHAPE
 v.build markveggy.shp

#establish database connection (get path from v.shape.register messages):
#here we use the DBF driver:
 db.connect database=/ssi0/ssi/neteler/grassdata/botswanaLL/shp

#look at the related dbf table:
 db.describe table=markveggy

#get info about vector map:
 v.info markveggy.shp

#look at the map:
 d.vect markveggy.shp

<h2>Example 2: Extract vector data from map to new map with SQL statements</h2>

v.extract markveggy.shp output=markveggy.1 where="VEGTYPE = PS"

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