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a bit more on 5.1 examples

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@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@
 contains only a few modules) nor it is intended to productional usage. 
 Development releases are provided for people who want to help test, debug,
 and improve GRASS 5.1. Knowing this, please read on.
+<i><b>Disclaimer:</b> These examples may work or not. You are kindly invited to send us
+further examples and/or code bugfixes/enhancements.<i>
 <h2>Following modules are available at time of this writing</h2>
 (see timestamp at bottom)
@@ -64,7 +68,11 @@
  v.info markveggy.shp
 #look at the map:
+ d.mon x0
  d.vect markveggy.shp
+#query map:
+ d.what.vect
@@ -74,7 +82,55 @@
 v.extract markveggy.shp output=markveggy.1 where="VEGTYPE = PS"
+<h2>Example 3: Export data using OGR</h2>
+SHAPE format (generates /tmp/testogr.shp and related files):
+v.out.ogr input=multi typ=line dsn=/tmp layer=testogr
+GML format (generates /tmp/testogr..gml file with layer 'testogr'):
+v.out.ogr input=multi typ=line dsn=/tmp/testogr.gml layer=testogr format=GML
+<h2>Example 4: Conversion of SHAPE map to GRASS 5.1 vector map</h2>
+v.out.ascii markveggy.shp out=test1
+v.in.ascii test1 out=newmap
+v.info newmap
+#we connect this map to the old DBF file:
+db.connect database=/ssi0/ssi/neteler/grassdata/botswanaLL/shp
+db.describe table=markveggy
+#we have to add an entry to the DB file:
+cd `g.gisenv GISDBASE`
+cd `g.gisenv LOCATION_NAME`
+cd `g.gisenv MAPSET`
+#if DB file not present, create it. Otherwise add the line:
+newmap 1 markveggy VEGCNP_ID /ssi0/ssi/neteler/grassdata/botswanaLL/PERMANENT/shp dbf
+#... which links map 'newmap' with field 1 to table 'markveggy' with CAT_COLUMN
+#'VEGCNP_ID' with the DBF file in directory '/ssi0/ssi...' using the 'dbf' driver
+#(yes, we need an DB file editor - do you write it for us?)
+#verify some settings:
+d.vect newmap
+d.what.vect newmap
 <!-- FOOTER -->
 <DIV ALIGN=right>&copy; 2002 GRASS Development Team<br>
 <a href="mailto:weblist at grass.itc.it">Comments</a> about this page | Back <a href=index.html>5.1 HOME</a><br>

Index: index.html
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--- index.html	30 Oct 2002 11:14:17 -0000	1.33
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@@ -126,6 +126,11 @@
 href=http://www.ing.unitn.it/~grass/>GRASS users conference 2002</a>)
 <li><a href="http://mpa.itc.it/markus/grass51/index.html">GRASS 5.1 Draft
 Programmer's Manual</a>
+<font face="Arial, Helvetica">Manuals (to be written)</font></li>
+<font face="Arial, Helvetica"><a href=examples.html>Draft GRASS 5.1 sample session</a> with examples</font></li>
@@ -159,8 +164,6 @@
 <br><font face="Arial, Helvetica">The latter is the experimental GRASS
 5.0 code which is needed (this code is partly linked into GRASS 5.1)</font></ul>
-<font face="Arial, Helvetica">Manuals (to be written)</font></li>
 <font face="Arial, Helvetica">Sample GRASS data with 3D vectors: <a href="http://mpa.itc.it/radim/g51/">Sample 3D LOCATION + screenshots</a></font></li>

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