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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Aug 6 12:54:53 EDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 06:25:03PM +0200, "Fernández-Victorio Arévalo, Gonzalo" wrote:
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> Anyway, I've been thinking about 1.1.5.x for a time, so I'll try
> to post a list of proposed contents rather sooner than later, setting
> aside the more revolutionary approach.

More support to get news in GRASS usage and development
out of the door is really appreciated.

To have a good news section would be a revolution.
We should even split that to a completely different server
using a more suitable content management system like Zope or Quixote.

> > It is a good idea to split users and developers,
> > but I don't think we should split testers and documenters out 
> > to visibly.
> > They actually  belong to the developers group.
> > 
> > We could rename developers to "coders".
> > 
> I was trying to explain that maybe it's scary to offer help, but
> people tend to think that "oh, translating. I could do that", or
> "writing docs, I think I could explain this little thing". 
> Ok. In other words: for my it's scary to offer help, but I tend
> to think... ;D

You are completely right in that we should make it easy for people
to find places to help and get that stuff integrated.
This is why the slow coming infrastructure improvements
were to important for GRASS (CVS for principal webpages, bugtracker).

On the other hand testers and documenters are very important
for the project and we don't want them to feel like 
a second class helper group. ;)

> > I'm for a menu on the right.
> > Usually close to the scroll bar and puts more weight on the actual
> > content of the page.
> > 
> I thoght right side was the portion we see easier, so main content
> should be there. But, this is just an opinion.

Yes, just a minor detail.

> > > Every page on CVS, with no header, two tags, that could be 
> > replaced to
> > > header&menu and footer by a script (maybe using an XML file 
> > as an index).
> > 
> > Possile, but this preprocessiong script should be simple.
> Don't worry. If I were to do it, it couldn't be too elaborate ;D

Note that I'm usually in the role of giving some critical advise,
but I appreciate any sensible effort to improve the webpages, 
even when it is not making them perfect.

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