[GRASSweb-list][RFC] GRASS monthly news

"Fernández-Victorio Arévalo, Gonzalo" GFernandez-Victorio at IGAE.minhac.es
Thu Oct 23 07:38:28 EDT 2003

Ok. I've take a (very brief) look to Rnews and GRASSClippings, and I think
both are great. In particular, it has caught my attention GRASSClippings.
Why the &%$$"·$%$ I didn´t knew about it? ;D.
And I also read DWN. DWN is great, but I would like something with more
in-house work. Maybe in the line of Kernel Traffic for the threads part and
DWN for the newsflash. But statistics (that won't be just a collection of
numbers), interviews, and others would be more "featured".

My intention is to start this now, and to see how it evolves. But I do think
in long term issues, (maybe too much). I would love to write a case study of
the using of GRASS in XXXX, or other serious articles, but I'm a forestry
engineer that is developing financial software. 

I think this could grow a lot. But first it must born. Even if the first one
is not very good, it would anyway be a start, and perhaps many people would
offer to help. And once we reach "critical mass", it's matter of time people
start sending "serious" articles, to even the point of being a reference.

Now, going to the detail, Eric's public mail(egm2 at jps.net) is not available
(does any of you have another and could contact him to explain my plans or
send me his mail?. Anyway I hope he's ok). I've trying to contact another
developer. This one is "active" (and his mail works), but I still don't have
an answer. I think an interview would be extremely interesting, but I'm
afraid I'm here in the critical path for bringing the item.
I had thought about the format. I wanted HTML. But I also want plain text to
post (at least partial) to the lists. And it's a great idea thinking about
PDF and "future". 
I have an idea on how to get the three formats, but until I try it I won't

But of course I'm open to comments. Regards:


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