[GRASSweb-list][RFC] GRASS monthly news

"Fernández-Victorio Arévalo, Gonzalo" GFernandez-Victorio at IGAE.minhac.es
Fri Oct 24 04:35:58 EDT 2003

My mail to Eric returned

smtp;550 egm2 at jps.net...User unknown

So, the email is not active. (I tested it from two email providers)

Strangely I also saw another page of Eric but I cannot remember where. I've
found one page in archive.org, but I remember  the other page had other
format and other information. Google doesn't help.

My plan is that once first number is on-line, search a bit more, and maybe
ask the developers list.

Anywat the other developer has answered. He's Moritz. He has no problem to
an interview, but he thinks there are other people more active. He points
name(s). He don't even consider himself a developer.

I know who is who in GRASS fairly well, but I think his job is important to
GRASS. Also, if I start from "leader" towards
"once-I-spread-the-word-about-GRASS", past the first ones, people would find
it boring. I think we must show interesting "developers" (as opposed to
coders) involved in GRASS, and Moritz work with documentation is very
important IMO. 

And I also was thinking in docbook, but I don't know if it will be too

htmldoc seems something I must give a look.



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