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 as only new code is transfered over the network, which heavily reduces the traffic
 (and maybe phone costs).]
 <p>To access the latest GRASS
-source code from our <a href="../grasscvs.html">CVS repository</a>, do
+source code from our <a href="../devel/cvs.php">CVS repository</a>, do
 following (this assumes you want the latest source code to GRASS 5.3-cvs;  see 
-the page on <a href="../grasscvstags.html">CVS tags</a> for more information on obtaining source for other versions:
+the page on <a href="../devel/cvstags.php">CVS tags</a> for more information on obtaining source for other versions:
 To reduce download time, get
-the weekly <a href="../grass5/source/snapshot_experimental/">CVS snapshot</a>. It contains
+the weekly <a href="../grass57/source/snapshot/">CVS snapshot</a>. It contains
 the entire sources including the CVS subdirectories which you need to synchronize
 this package with CVS.</li>
 Extract this package as described
-<a href="../grass5/source/README.html">here</a>
+<a href="../grass57/source/README.html">here</a>
 (it is the README from the source directory). The full sources of the GRASS
-Project require about 140 MB.</li>
+Project require about 100 MB.</li>
 After extracting the sources,

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