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Sun Dec 19 15:20:49 EST 2004

Author: markus

Update of /grassrepository/web/download
In directory doto:/tmp/cvs-serv16617/download

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url fixes

Index: software.inc
RCS file: /grassrepository/web/download/software.inc,v
retrieving revision 1.1
retrieving revision 1.2
diff -u -d -r1.1 -r1.2
--- software.inc	19 Dec 2004 16:42:08 -0000	1.1
+++ software.inc	19 Dec 2004 20:20:47 -0000	1.2
@@ -98,17 +98,17 @@
 - to view and print the manual sets.
 <br>For further GRASS Documentation
-go to the <a href="../gdp/index.html">GDP - GRASS Documentation Project</a>
+go to the <a href="../gdp/index.php">GDP - GRASS Documentation Project</a>
 <hr><b>Old GRASS versions:</b>
 <li>GRASS 5.3 [old] <a href="../grass53/">Download GRASS 5.3</a>
-<li>GRASS 5.0 [old] <a href="../devel/grass_releases.html">Download GRASS 5.0</a>
-<li>GRASS 4.3 [old] <a href="../devel/grass_releases.html">Download GRASS 4.3</a>
+<li>GRASS 5.0 [old] <a href="../devel/grassreleases.html">Download GRASS 5.0</a>
+<li>GRASS 4.3 [old] <a href="../devel/grassreleases.html">Download GRASS 4.3</a>
 <li>GRASS 4.2/4.2.1 [merged into 4.3, old]
-<li>GRASS 4.1 [old] <a href="../devel/grass_releases.html">Download GRASS 4.1</a>
-<li>GRASS 4.0 [old] <a href="../devel/grass_releases.html">Download GRASS 4.0</a>
-<li>Detailed <a href="../devel/grass_releases.html">GRASS Releases page</a> with links to source code etc.
+<li>GRASS 4.1 [old] <a href="../devel/grassreleases.html">Download GRASS 4.1</a>
+<li>GRASS 4.0 [old] <a href="../devel/grassreleases.html">Download GRASS 4.0</a>
+<li>Detailed <a href="../devel/grassreleases.html">GRASS Releases page</a> with links to source code etc.
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