[GRASSweb-list]New PHP grass website for mirrors without PHP

Simon Valiquette v.simon at ieee.org
Tue Dec 21 16:42:53 EST 2004


   It is just to tell you that I would have appreciated if you would 
have informed the mirrors in advance that you would need the use of PHP.

   Actually, my server don't provide PHP.  I will add soon PHP3, but I 
need some time to understand all the security implications for PHP4.  If 
someone compromise my server with a PHP4 security bug, I know some ways 
it can goes undetected, so I need to find a solution.

   I would also probably need to recompile PHP4 to remove some modules 
(for example ftp and sockets are compiled in by default on Debian, which 
I won't keep if I don't need to).

   I might have the only server to not offer PHP and perhaps I am too 
paranoid, but my server is located in the same room as one of the main 
10GE canadian routers that links Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec and 
some places in USA, so we do care about security.

   If there is again an important change in mirroring requirement, it 
will be a good idea to inform the official mirrors.  I hope you do keep 
the mailing adresses of the mirrors.

Simon Valiquette

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