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   <strong> Importing USGS 7.5min SDTS DEM into GRASS GIS<br>
-The instructions below are probably out of date. &nbsp;They are retained
-here for now pending confirmation of this assertion. &nbsp;New users are
-directed towards Moritz Lennert's <a
+The instructions below are out of date. &nbsp;They are retained
+here for now to find out if they are needed for other purposes.  
+New users are directed towards Moritz Lennert's <a
-to GRASS 5</a> guide, instead.<br>
+to GRASS 5</a> guide and the r.in.gdal command, instead.<br>
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@
 <a href="index.html">Go back to GRASS GIS FAQ...</a>
-<em>Last Modified: 30th Dec. 1999</em>
+<em>Last Modified: 24th Jan. 2004</em>
 <a href="mailto:emitchell at altaira.com">Eric Mitchell</a>

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