[GRASSweb-list]GIS downloading for BC Bereavement Helpline

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Jun 10 16:52:35 EDT 2004

Hello Allison,

the GRASS software is Free Software.
That means you get the freedom to use it as long as you want,
study it, adapt it to your needs, give it to other people 
and publish improvements if you like.
The license you need to run GRASS is coming without a fee.

I cannot estimate if GRASS would be compatible with the data formats
used for Canadian government data, but I would expect it to be.

Note that GRASS is a piece of complicated GIS software
you can also try to look for other Free Software on 

Note that you have written an email to the webmaster of the GRASS site.
There is an international user mailinglist that has many more people
on it that could possibly answer your questions in more detail.

Best Regards,

On Thu, Jun 10, 2004 at 06:43:17PM +0100, A Macbeth wrote:
>    To Whom it May Concern,
>    My namis is Allison and I am working for the BC Bereavement Helpline
>    based in Vancouver Canada.  We are currently doing a mapping project
>    of the Lower Mainland to see where all the support services are, as
>    well as where they are not, and would be very interested in using GIS
>    for this project.  Am I right in believing that the GIS programs you
>    offer are free downloads from the internet? If I download these would
>    I be able to run them completely off my computer or would I need to
>    buy other software as well?  Also, would this be compatible with
>    Canadian government data such as road maps??
>    Thank-you very much,
>    Allison Macbeth
>    Community Research and Development Worker at BCBH
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