[GRASSweb-list]GRASS list trouble

Ann Gorman ann.gorman at case.edu
Tue Oct 19 13:20:34 EDT 2004

I cannot post to the GRASS list even though I am a subscriber. I believe this is because our University recently changed our email addresses and I cannot even Unsubscribe for this reason.

Anyways, could you please look into this.

My email address may be found as any or all of the following:
amg24 at po.cwru.edu
amg24 at case.edu
amg24 at cwru.edu
ann.gorman at case.edu
ann.gorman at cwru.edu

I believe my outgoing emails are being sent as:
ann.gorman at case.edu

Sorry if this is confusing. I cannot seem to change the settings (or even have them changed) on this end.

Thanks so much for you help,
Ann Marie

Ann Marie Gorman
307 Clapp Hall, Biology Dept.
Case Western Reserve University
10900 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH 44106
ph: 216.368.3579
fax: 216.368.4672
email: amg24 at case.edu 

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