[GRASSweb-list]GRASS list, kicked, banned or gremlins....

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Wed Jul 20 14:59:25 EDT 2005

Hey list moderator

gis at watersheds seems to be rejected by the listserve.

could you see if there is something I need to do?

I posted # 7572 and 7575 fine but now I get the following from 
listproc at baylor.edu

Dear gis at watersheds.ca:

Your recent message to the GRASSLIST list has been
rejected for the following reason:

Only list subscribers may send messages to this list.

If you need assistance, please contact the list owner at 
GRASSLIST-request at baylor.edu

The text of your message follows:

I will re-subscribe but am wondering what caused it or if I got kicked 
for a reason.


|Dave Sampson: Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician	|
|								|
|Centre for Sustainable Watersheds				|
|Cooperative Approaches to Protect Canada's Water Resources	|
|								|
|14 Water St, P.O Box 280. Portland Ontario, Canada. K0G 1V0	|
|Lat: 44.700	Long: -76.19					|
|www.watersheds.ca		gis at watersheds.ca		|

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