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 commercial settings around the world, as well as many governmental agencies
 including NASA, NOAA, USDA, DLR, CSIRO, the National Park Service, the U.S.
 Census Bureau, USGS, and many environmental consulting companies.
+The new <a href="../grass60/index.php">GRASS 6.0.0</a> release introduces a new topological 2D/3D vector
+engine and support for vector network analysis. Attributes are now
+managed in a SQL-based DBMS. A new display manager has been
+implemented. The NVIZ visualization tool was enhanced to display 3D
+vector data and voxel volumes. Messages are partially translated
+(<a href="../devel/i18n.php">i18N</a>) with support for FreeType fonts, 
+including multibyte Asian characters. New LOCATIONs can be auto-generated
+by EPSG code number. GRASS is integrated with GDAL/OGR libraries to support an
+extensive range of raster and vector formats, including OGC-conformal
+Simple Features.
 <br>The <a href="../devel/index.php">GRASS Development Team</a> has grown into
 a multi-national team consisting of developers at numerous locations.

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