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 extension to the internal GRASS database if you need to manipulate data
 containing multiple attributes.</p>
-<p>Currently two working interfaces are available for GRASS 5.0/5.3:
-<li> GRASS <a href=../gdp/html_grass5/database.html>General DBMS interface</a> (to use with ODBC or other
-drivers, to link GRASS to mySQL, Oracle etc) 
-<li> GRASS <a href=../gdp/html_grass5/database.html>PostgreSQL interface</a>
-The <a href=../grass57/index.html>GRASS 5.7 development</a> works on full
-integration of GRASS with DBMS support.
+In the <a href=../grass60/>GRASS 6 development</a> we work on full
+integration of GRASS with DBMS support (DBF, PostgreSQL, mySQL, sqlite, ODBC,...).
 <b>Mailing list: GRASS and SQL interfaces</b>
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 <!-- hidden links to make htdig and Google search the list archives (new and old): -->
 <a href=http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/sqlgrass/><font color=white>x</font></a>
-<h3>Download software</h3>
-<b> GRASS 5.0/DBMS Interfaces</b>
-<li> GRASS 5.0 offers a generic <a href=../gdp/html_grass5/database.html>GRASS-DBMS
-     driver</a> (to be used with unixODBC
-     (<a href=http://www.unixodbc.org>www.unixodbc.org</a>)<br>
-     See here <a
-     href=../sqlgrass/odbc_grass_install.html>ODBC/GRASS install instructions</a>
-<li> GRASS 5.0 offers a direct <a href=../gdp/html_grass5/database.html>GRASS-PostgreSQL
-     driver</a>
-<li> Small raw tutorial: <a href=http://freegis.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/~checkout~/grass/src.garden/grass.postgresql/tutorial/index.html>first-steps</a>
-     for usage of PostgreSQL/GRASS interface
-<li> 2/2000: Russian version of <a href=../oldprojects/postgresqlgrass/>PostgreSQL/GRASS interface</a>
-by Alexander Shevlakov (with tcl/tk interface, v.in.shape.pg and pg.in.dbf!)
-based on work of Carl Anderson
-<b> GRASS 5.7/DBMS Interfaces</b>
-<li> GRASS 5.7 offers general <a href=../grass57/tutorial/ex_basic.html>DBMS support</a>
-<b>Related database vendors</b>
-<li> <a href=http://www.postgresql.org/>PostgreSQL</a>
-<li> <a href=http://www.flex.ro/pgaccess/>PGaccess</a> - a graphical frontend to PostgreSQL
-<li> ... your suggestions
-<b>Related documents</b>
-<li> <a href=http://www.ca.postgresql.org/docs/aw_pgsql_book/index.html>PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts</a> by Bruce Momjian
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-<DIV ALIGN=right>&copy; 2000-2004 GRASS Development Team<br>
+<DIV ALIGN=right>&copy; 2000-2005 GRASS Development Team<br>
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