Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Oct 18 11:06:50 EDT 2005


sorry for the delay.

I have removed http://grass.itc.it/grass57/index.html to avoid
confusion and added the milestones to the GRASS 6 page.

Then I updated http://grass.itc.it/community/sqlgrasslist.html
somewhat to get out the mess.

Please have a look if it is ok like that.



On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 09:10:26AM +0200, Morten Sickel wrote:
> That page needs some updating to reflect the existence of grass 6.0... 
> I am sorry, but I do not have good enough overview to propose an update,
> but just to remove the sentences Get information about the GRASS 5.7
> development <http://grass.itc.it/grass57/index.html> . 
> and  In GRASS 5.7 <http://grass.itc.it/grass57/index.html>  it becomes
> really exciting and also includes native support for DBF files. But this
> system is not yet fully implemented. 
> would make things better. If the sentence  GRASS 5.0/5.3 there are
> drivers for ODBC and PostgreSQL (see the related GRASS/SQL page
> <http://grass.itc.it/community/sqlgrasslist.html> ). 
> is updated to In Grass 6.0 there are drivers for *whatever* I would not
> have much to complain about.
> But most of all, lots of thanks, this is ment as very friendy critisism 
> Morten

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