[GRASSweb-list] some problem in running rsync-2.6.8

Lee,Chun-Seok stoney at jinju.ac.kr
Wed Aug 16 01:47:36 EDT 2006


My grass mirroring machine of korea named pinus.chinju.ac.kr was perfectly dead last month by the thunder.
So I've changed it to a new machine which  has sufficient room and speed already.
but, I have some problem in running the rsync to mirror ibiblio.org::grass. 
please help me to continue the mirroring.. How can i do and What should I do?


machine : Intel dual cpu xeon 3.4Ghz 
OS : Linux x86_64 (asianux2) kernel 2.6.9  with ssh
host name : pinus.chinju.ac.kr
local grass ftp dir : /var/ftp/pub/grass
firewall : running iptables 
rsync 2.6.8 <-compiled by gcc using source files.

cronnning daily using following sentences;
   /usr/local/rsync/bin/rsync -r --delete --times --links --bwlimit=200  ibiblio.org::grass /var/ftp/pub/grass

the error messages;
   rsync: getaddrinfo: ibiblio.org 873: Temporary failure in name resolution
   rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(107) [receiver=2.6.8]

Lee,Chun-Seok   Ph.D

mailto:stoney at jinju.ac.kr
TEL : +82-55-751-3305
MBL : +82-18-232-5846
FAX : +82-55-751-3309
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