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list some required and optional cygwin packages

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 Also, in step #5 the version is 6.2.1-1 instead of 6.0.cvs-1, and there's no
 grass.bat script.
+<h5>Required packages:</h5>
+Make sure that the <b>fftw3</b> (Fourier Transform), <b>jasper</b> (JPEG 2000),
+and <b>openssl</b> (Crypto) packages are installed by Cygwin (Libs section).
+[<i>setup.ini update coming soon</i>]
+<h5>Optional packages:</h5>
+In addition to the core requirements these packages are quite useful and
+some GRASS modules won't work without them:
+<li><b>bc</b> - command line calculator
+<li><b>netpbm</b> - image conversions
+<li><b>util-linux</b> - provides "more", nice for g.list
+<li><b>wget</b> - command line WWW download utility
+A good text editor, such as <b>nedit</b>, which can translate between
+DOS and UNIX end-of-line text formats is also handy to have around.
 To start GRASS, double-click on the Cygwin icon and run "<tt>startx</tt>" at
 the command prompt. This will start X-Windows and open a new xterm window.
 At the xterm prompt type "<tt>grass62</tt>". To start GRASS from an icon on

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