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 <h3>Installation instructions for GRASS on MS Windows with Cygwin (winGRASS)</h3>
+<LI><a href="#prereq">Program installation</a>
+<LI><a href="#data">Installing data</a>
+<LI><a href="#icon">Setting up an icon on the Desktop</a>
+<LI><a href="#trouble">Troubleshooting</a>
+<LI><a href="#manually">Manually installing packages</a>
+<LI><a href="#bugs">Reporting bugs</a>
+<a name="prereq"></a>
 GRASS 6.2 for Windows requires the Free 
@@ -52,11 +63,13 @@
 the command prompt. This will start X-Windows and open a new xterm window.
 At the xterm prompt type "<tt>grass62</tt>". To start GRASS from an icon on
 the Desktop, see below.
+In case of problems see the troubleshooting section below.
+<a name="data"></a>
 <h4>Installing data:</h4>
 Create a new directory in your Cywgin home directory called
@@ -81,6 +94,7 @@
+<a name="icon"></a>
 <h4>Starting Cygwin GRASS from an icon on the desktop:</h4>
 copy c:\cygwin.bat to c:\cygwin_grass.bat
@@ -123,7 +137,28 @@
+<a name="trouble"></a>
+If some modules mysteriously fail there are a few things you can do to help
+diagnose the problem. If the GUI fails (for example with a "child process
+exited abnormally" error) your first check should be the region settings
+module. Try typing "<tt>g.region -p</tt>" at the command line and make sure
+you get reasonable values for north, south, east, west and resolution.
+If a module returns you to the command prompt with no activity at all,
+try typing "<tt>echo $?</tt>" immediately after to query the module's exit
+code. If that says "53" you are most likely missing a library (DLL). To find
+out which one run "<tt>cygcheck g.region</tt>" (replace g.region with the
+offending module's name). You can then search for the name of the package
+that contains the missing file at the <a href="http://cygwin.com/packages/">
+Cygwin package search page</a>. Re-run the Cywgin installer to load the
+missing package; it will have remembered your earlier selections.
+Feel free to file a bug report as well (see below).
+<a name="manually"></a>
 <h4>Installing packages by hand:</h4>
 (<i>only required if you didn't install via a GRASS mirror (with "setup.ini")
@@ -151,7 +186,7 @@
+<a name="bugs"></a>
 Please help us and report bugs:
 <a href="http://grass.itc.it/bugtracking/">Bug report form</a>

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