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if it is possible in your operating system. If you compile with 
<tt>-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64</tt>, you should be able to have raster maps 
which are larger than 2Gb.

<a name="manuals"></a>
<h2>GRASS 5.4 documents</h2>

<li>GRASS 5.4 <a href="../gdp/online.html">User manuals</a>
<li><a href="../grassdevel.html#prog">Programmer's manual</a>

<a name="bugs"></A>
<h2>Bug reports</h2>
<li> You are kindly requested to send your comments about GRASS 5 functionality
  (recent version).
<li>List of <a  href="">known bugs 
 in this GRASS 5.4.x version</A>. Your help to fix these bugs is highly appreciated. If you find
 a bug, please check the list if it is already known. If not, you are kindly
 requested to report the bug(s) to use our new <a href="../bugtracking/bugreport.html">bug report form</a>

<a name="cluster"></a>
<h2>Clustered GRASS GIS</h2>

GIS related work is regularly CPU-intensive - as CPU power becomes cheaper
nowadays, GRASS might be run in clustered environments. There are several
options to parallelize GRASS:

<li><a href=>openMOSIX</a>: To run GRASS
on an openMOSIX cluster,
there is no need to modify GRASS or to link with any library, or even
to assign processes to different nodes. You can run GRASS in parallel
sessions (same location, different mapsets) which will be sent to the
various cluster nodes.
However, individual modules will be run serially on one CPU. So this is more
load-balancing than a real cluster. It should be quite easy to set up.
<li><a href=>Beowulf Cluster</a>: Requires GRASS
modifications not done yet.
<li>GRASS 5 contains the "gmath" library which contains wrapper functions to
the numerical libraries <a
href=>BLAS</a> which also exists in a
parallelized form <a
href=>PLAPACK</a> and <a
href=>PBLAS</A> and <a
href=>ScaLAPACK</a>. However, further
work has to be done to utilize the LAPACK/BLAS functions within GRASS.
<li><a href=>Parallelized (MPI)</a>

<a name="credits"></a>

<A HREF="../grasscredits.html">GRASS Credits page</a> (incomplete) - List of
<a href=>GRASS
Development Team members</a>

<a name="download"></a>
<b>Ok, ok.  How can I get current GRASS 5.3.x?</b><p>
Go to the <b><a href="../download.html">download page</a></b> and start downloading!<p>
<b>Some additional tidbits you may need...</b>
<li>TclTkGRASS needs the Tcl and Tk libraries 8.x or later to run
<li> needs the <a href="">libtiff</a> and <a
href=>libz</a> (usually already
existing on Linux systems)
<li> need the <a href=>PNG library</a>
<li> NVIZ and r3.showdspf use the <a href="">Mesa 3D</a> OpenGL clone
<li>List of <a href=source/REQUIREMENTS.html>further (partly optional)
    GRASS 5 compile requirements</a>

<h2>Are you programmer?</h2>
Join the <A HREF="../grassdevel.html">GRASS GIS Developers Mailing List</a>

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