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I work for a renewable energy company in Scotland and following recent
discussions with Stirling University, I found out about this software.  We
specialize in offering a wide range of services to landowners throughout
Scotland with the ultimate aim of installing Micro hydro schemes on their
land.  I am writing because I could not find a number to call and wish to
ask a few questions, I hope this is ok:


*	I have a basic knowledge of the ESRI system; will this benefit me in
trying to use GRASS?
*	Would it be suitable for our purposes?  These include


*	Identification of areas of conservation designation
*	Land owner boundaries
*	Local council boundaries
*	Analysis of the underlying soil and rock formations
*	Spatial analysis of habitat and species surveys
*	Designated pipeline routes and alternative locations


Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated


Thank you


Jayson Drummond

Environmental Manager

Green Highland Renewables

1 Kenmore Street


PH15 2BL


Tel: 01887 822042

Email: jaysondrummond at greenhighland.co.uk


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