[GRASS-web] integration of TerraLib and GRASS GIS ?

Rengifo Ortega rengifoo at yahoo.de
Wed Apr 8 09:41:34 EDT 2009

Dear GRASS community,
Reading through different article related to OS, I found  project that
caught my attention.
It was Terralib.. here a short definition of it. Since, I guess most of you
are familiar with it.

 "TerraLib is a GIS classes and functions library, available from the
 Internet as open source, allowing a collaborative environment and its use
 for the development of multiple GIS tools. Its main aim is to enable the
 development of a new generation of GIS applications, based on the
 technological advances on spatial databases"

 source: http://terralib.dpi.inpe.br/doku.php

 So, my question: Is there any initiative or project  integrate the
 integration of Terralib with GRASS GIS?

 Thanks in advance

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