[GRASS-web] Question about hydrological modelling in GRASS

Elgh Dalgren Sanna Sanna.Elgh.Dalgren at sweco.se
Tue Mar 31 09:22:30 EDT 2009

my name is Sanna Elgh Dalgren and I'm a student at University of Lund in
Sweden. I'm writing my master thesis in Physical Geography together with
another girl. The subject of our paper is to compare different GIS
programs to see which is most suitable to use when analyzing sea level
rises. We are going to compare ArcGIS, MIKE FLOOD and also GRASS. I now
wonder if there exist any applications that we can use to analyze sea
level rises in GRASS? I have looked at the applications listed on the
grass.itc.it homepage but the ones I found are all about river floods. 

We would be glad for an answer.
Best regards 

Sanna Elgh Dalgren & Nina Ceric

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