[GRASS-web] Upcoming ibiblio mirror changes

John Reuning john at ibiblio.org
Mon Dec 13 17:55:28 EST 2010

> We state restricted on our page (to avoid a server crash) but indeed it
> is unrestricted :)

Thanks for the response.  I must have mixed up the grass mirror with
another on the permissions issue.  Everything looks good.

>> Second, we'll be moving the ftp mirror to
>> ftp://mirrors.ibiblio.org/grass.  Besides updating the mirror list
>> page, is there anything that needs to be done for the transition?
> Please ping us when the FTP site is running so that we update the list.
> Thanks for fixing http://grass.ibiblio.org/

Will do.  It'll likely be after the holidays when we switch to the new servers.

I also wanted to open a dialog about using BitTorrent for
distribution.  ibiblio has a torrent site that we use for other
projects.  http://torrent.ibiblio.org/  One of our goals for the next
several months is to add more projects.  The grass software and gis
sample data sets look like great candidates.  We have search/browse as
well as seeding software designed for server use.  The torrents should
never go stale as long as you intend to distribute the content.

If you're interested, we'll make the files available and provide you
links for your web pages.  In future updates to the web site, we plan
to add self-service tools for you to take control over your content.


-John R.

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