[GRASS-web] New page IGNF register and shift grid NTF/RGF93

Thibault Lemaitre thibault.lemaitre at laposte.net
Thu Nov 18 16:43:52 EST 2010


Firstly, it's my first mail on this list and I'm French. So, if it's not 
the place to send what's follow or if my English is not so good, don't 
hesitate to told me.

So, I write a new page on the wiki (url : 
It's a tutorial to well use the French projection systems. Could you 
look and make some feedbacks, comments, modifications if it's necessary? 
People who want to do a French translation are welcome (I will begin 
this soon).

It's also my first participation to the wiki, I wrote this page in 
English because the wiki is mainly in this language. In a case like 
this, could I write directly in French ? I mean, the topic of the page I 
wrote is really a "French topic" and an English page have not really a 


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