[GRASS-web] importing multiples las files in grass gis (windows)

Rengifo Ortega rengifoo at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 11 13:38:16 PDT 2014

Hello dear grass
I am
currently working with a project, where I need to build a DEM with a 2x2 meters
resolution.  I have around 800 las files
with 0.7 and 2  points/sqm, which I
already converted to text format using the las2txt command as explained at

 So, I intend to import all 800 .txt files into
GRASS GIS at once, if possible, in order to create my DEM from the entire area
of study. 
However, every
time I try to import even one txt file in  Grass Gis, by using the r.in.ixyz , I get the  well- known allocation memory message (ERROR:
G_calloc: unable to allocate…. )

wrapping all  together  what I want to
do is:
1)      To import all 800 files at once, instead
of importing one by one. I know it is possible in linux, but I have not figured
it out how to do it in the cmd (dos) windows.

Technical settings of my work environment:

Grass GIS 6.4 running on windows 7, installed using
the  osGeo4W installer, fully operative.
The las data  is over 750 GB. Lasdata was pre-processedusing lastools. Only class 2 (bare ground)  was kept. 

I hope someone can drop some lines about how to
do this in a windows environment. So, far I only found  linux examples,
which  uses eval, flags and pipes. All
this  is not applicable in  cmd.
Thanks in advance.

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