[GRASS-web] Need Assistance

rushil.agarwal at wipro.com rushil.agarwal at wipro.com
Mon May 12 21:30:17 PDT 2014

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the reply. I tried the same but the problem still persist.

I used this command:

[cid:image001.png at 01CF6E91.B4D98020]

After this again it ask for confirming the mapset and location.
[cid:image002.jpg at 01CF6E92.224A9EF0]

PFA Grassrc6 file if any change required in the file.

Thank & Regards,
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Hi Rushil​
you can achieve this in GRASS 6 by also adding the path to the start script as a parameter. Then it will start the session right away:
Something like:

grass643 C:\Users\ru281187\Documents\grassdata\demolocation\PERMANENT
Other option: in GRASS GIS 7 this text menu no longer exists (only a graphical user interface), so in -text mode GRASS will load the location/mapset from the last session.
hope this helps

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