[GRASS-web] reuse of a figure within a book - permission

Mannschatz, Theresa mannschatz at unu.edu
Thu Sep 11 05:40:45 PDT 2014

Dear GRASS GIS team,

I am writing you in behalf of my co-authors of a book chapter that we have written for the book: 'Governing the Nexus' which will be published in November by Springer.
We are writing about visualization of water services in Africa. Therefore, we highlight the importance of using modelling frameworks to account for the water related issues in data-scarce regions such as Africa and for knowledge-based decisions.

We are also writing about the Visualization of data with GIS and ParaView. I have included a figure from your homepage (please see attached image) with the following citation: 'SOURCE GRASS GIS http://http://grass.osgeo.org/screenshots/3D/'. I would like to ask for permission to use the figure within our book. I think it will also help to promote the GIS tool.

Thank you,

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Theresa Mannschatz
Research Assistant

Institute for Integrated Management
of Material Fluxes and of Resources

Ammonstrasse 74
01067, Dresden


+ 49 351 8921 9370


+ 49 351 8921 9389


mannschatz at unu.edu<mailto:mannschatz at unu.edu>



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