[GRASS-web] Segmentation: Selection of Seeds

Raphael Knevels raphael.knevels at uni-jena.de
Wed Aug 3 15:38:53 PDT 2016

Dear GRASS team,


I would like to compute a segmentation analysis. Because of my big input
data, I would like to use special selected Seed Points (as Pixel) to speed
up the process.

My input seed grid contains integer pixel values higher than 0. For the rest
of the area I tried: No Data, -1 and 0. 

While null has not worked (some Error in console), the segmentation result
of -1 and 0, however, looked unsatisfied (= the picture is not segmented).


Therefore, I have the question how an input grid should look like, that I
can use pixel as seed values?

My Grass Gis Version is 7.0.4.


I would be very pleased to receive your answers.


Kind regards,



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