[GRASS-web] Will GIS 6 /7.0/7.2.0 work with Windows 7 ?

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sun Aug 20 22:16:38 PDT 2017


On Aug 21, 2017 6:02 AM, "Mario Colon" wrote:
> Hello, I want to learn to use GIS . I have Windows 7 and the website
> "There are two ways of downloading GRASS GIS for Windows XP through
Windows 8 or later (both 32 and 64 bit)"
> In another part of the website, it claims the software to work with
> Are any of the GIS versions, able to work with Windows 7?

GRASS GIS works on Windows 7 as well.

The word "through" means "from... to", hence all versions between XP and 8
or later included.

> Thank you in advance for your response

How this helps,

Markus Neteler
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