[winGRASS] libG11

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 3 15:28:00 EDT 2001

Markus, Roberto,

There were only a couple of places in the Cygwin tcl/tk source where they
needed fixing to avoid the path issue.  I didn't spend a lot of time trying
to compile as just a cygwin/windows compatible library, but I don't think it
was far from successful compile.  I will have a look to see if I saved that
work, to perhaps save you some time.


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> From: Markus Neteler [mailto:neteler at itc.it]
> Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 1:00 PM
> To: Malcolm Blue
> Cc: Glynn Clements; Mike Thomas; Roberto Flor; wingrass at grass.itc.it
> Subject: Re: [winGRASS] libG11
> Hi all,
> Roberto flor and me did some tests with NVIZ. Following situation
> we have:
>  - tcl/tk 8.0 is already present in cygwin (latest)
>    [don't install the xtcltk package from grass-server!]
>    this version contains some path problems, see below.
>  - we did some NVIZ hacking to include missing header files,
>    fixed two general include problems and a missing definition
>    in Xlib.h (libG11). NVIZ now compiles! we had to remove from
> Gmakefile.in
>    the references to -lXmu -lXext, they should arrive through configure on
>    $(XEXTRALIBS) for non windows platforms.  We added some files
> from tlctk
>    sources on windows and flagged some part of togl.c code for X11 only
>    We have fixed the togl.c and the missing files in CVS already.
>    Glynn, may I ask you to look into the configure problem related
>    to -lXmu -lXext?
>    Again, when manually changing the Gnakefile, NVIZ now compiles without
>    libG11. It pops up a window for a few seconds (see other
> tcl/tk problems
>    below).
>  - other change for configure:
> 	under win32/cygwin we need in head
>         OPEGLLIB           = -lopengl32
>         OPENGLULIB         = -lgdi32 -lglu32
>    It could be useful to remove also -lX11 from head, putting it back
>    just on the Gmakefile for Xdriver, the only point where we need X11
>    on win32 compilation.
>  - Problem: the tcl/tk does not support cygwin-paths properly,
>    see CYGWIN-FAQ here:
>    http://www.cygwin.com/faq/faq_4.html#SEC65
>    This means that neither tcltkgrass nor NVIZ will work since
>    the code is spreaded within several directories.
>    A solution is to use the TCL_LIBRARY variable, but we are unable
>    to define multiple paths here, since you have to define the
>    driver number ("c:") as well, but ":" is also the path separator...
>    Tomorrow (?) we'll try to rebuild the tcl/tk.
>  - tcltkgrass: if the multiple path problem would be fixed (CYGWIN-FAQ),
>    it may run ...
> So far for today,
> cheers
>  Roberto and Markus
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