[gvSIG_Italian] Free course about GIS applied to archaeology: Certification and links to the complete course

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Gio 14 Feb 2019 06:41:14 PST

The certification of the course about Geographic Information Systems 
applied to archaeology is now available.

The course is free of charge, and the certification is optional.

To get this certification, a complete exercise must be completed, which 
includes some of the contents shown during the course, and there will be 
a minimum cost of € 25, necessary to cover the expenses related to the 
evaluation and certification. This certification will be open 
continuously, so that any user can get it at any moment when the modules 
are finished.

All the information about the course and the certification, including 
the practical exercise and the links to all the modules, is available at 
the gvSIG blog [1].


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