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Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Mon Feb 27 17:47:45 EST 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) wrote:
>> Incubation Project: Which incubation mailing list should the PSC join for
>> the process? Currently I see:
>> commits at incubator.osgeo.org
>> issues at incubator.osgeo.org
>> incubator at incubator.osgeo.org
> Arnulf,
> The incubator at incubator.osgeo.org mailing list is the primary incubator
> mailing list.  The commits mailing list just report updates to the
> incubator.osgeo.org web site or other files under source control for
> this project and is likely not of much interest.  I believe the issues
> email list reports changes to the issues tracker (bug system) which we
> may not have any need for.
I could actually see us making good use of this.  I like issue tracker's 
if they're good.  I suppose a wiki with history could do the same thing. 
  But apache has a 'minimum requirement' checklist: 
Something like that could be useful to just throw into the tracker for 
each project.  Though perhaps each should put it in to their own tracker...

>> Probably the Mapbender developers should get an account in the CN
>> infrastructure? Access to the SVN? How does this work?
> I think that for now you ask DanielB directly, but that he hopes to
> have self-created accounts working soon as osgeo.org.
>> Uli is our chef contributor. He has become father for the second time 
>> last
>> week and will not really be available for the next week. :-) So there is
>> no hurry. Otoh he can use the extra time he has reading the CLA... as all
>> the other contributors!
> The Mapbender PSC should appoint one person to be the representative on the
> Incubation committee.  Perhaps that will be Arnulf or Uli

> Best regards,

Chris Holmes
The Open Planning Project
thoughts at: http://cholmes.wordpress.com
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