proposal to graduate MapBender

Paul Spencer pspencer at
Thu Jun 29 07:42:04 EDT 2006


its been difficult to get a decent attendance at IRC meetings lately  
so we thought it would be better to bring this to the mailing list  
for discussion instead.

In my position as mentor, I have evaluated the MapBender project  
against the criteria that the IncCom has established in the  
'official' documents and determined that MapBender is ready to  
graduate.  There are a few house-keeping things that the project  
needs to do, but they are all documented and none would impact on  
graduation (in fact they may be done already).

With this in mind, I recommend to the IncCom that we vote on  
MapBender's graduation.  If approved by IncCom, Frank would then take  
this to the board to be ratified.



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