[Incubator] proposal to graduate MapBender

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 29 09:40:40 EDT 2006

Paul Spencer wrote:
> Folks,
> its been difficult to get a decent attendance at IRC meetings lately so 
> we thought it would be better to bring this to the mailing list for 
> discussion instead.
> In my position as mentor, I have evaluated the MapBender project against 
> the criteria that the IncCom has established in the 'official' documents 
> and determined that MapBender is ready to graduate.  There are a few 
> house-keeping things that the project needs to do, but they are all 
> documented and none would impact on graduation (in fact they may be done 
> already).
> With this in mind, I recommend to the IncCom that we vote on MapBender's 
> graduation.  If approved by IncCom, Frank would then take this to the 
> board to be ratified.


Since we are getting close to a weekend, and with holidays early next
week, and because graduating a project is one of the most important
decisions a project can take, I would like to keep this vote open until
6:00pm EST Wednesday July 5th.

If there are any serious concerns about Mapbender graduation we will hold
the final decision over to an IRC meeting on Monday July 10th.

None of this is to be construed as indicating I have a concern about
Mapbender, but rather to ensure we have a clear consensus.

I would remind everyone that the Mapbender incubation progress document is:


And the Mapbender provenance review is at:


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