[Incubator] proposal to graduate MapBender

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 29 11:31:46 EDT 2006

Paul / Arnulf / Mapbender PSC,

I have skimmed the mapbender incubation documents, mapbender.osgeo.org and
the mapbender wiki and am pleased.  A few questions came up.

1) The PSC documents do not seem to define a "chair" position.  For OSGeo
    purposes we need one member of the PSC (who needs to be acknowleded by
    the OSGeo board on graduation) who is considered to be an officer of
    OSGeo and responsible to speak for the project.  This person is normally
    considered to chair the PSC, and amoung other things is responsible for
    acting as liason with the OSGeo board and ensuring that the PSC is
    operating in an orderly manner.  Often this chair also has some explicit
    "final arbiter" role in PSC decisions when there is ambiguity in the

    I would encourage documenting the role of chair in the PSC document, even
    if it is a "light hand at the wheel", and appoint one of the PSC members to
    be chair.

2) I'm a bit squeemish about the way bugs are managed for Mapbender currently.
    I'm a big fan of a having a bug database with clear open/closed status,
    and a concept of assignment.  I wouldn't mind a wiki based solution but
    the current Mapbender bug list http://www.mapbender.org/index.php/Bugs
    seems very short on detail, responsibility to fix, and who to go back to
    for details.  As a matter of "best practices" I would like to encourage
    Mapbender to utilize some more in depth bug tracking process.  This could
    be the CollabNet tracker, Bugzilla or some other issue tracking system.
    I don't consider this a blocker for graduation, but I'd feel more
    comfortable knowing the project was committed to something beyond what
    seems to be done now.

Best regards,
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