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Auke Jilderda auke at
Fri Jun 30 09:11:05 EDT 2006

If I'm not mistaken, most if not all project owners are subscribed to
this list which is why I bring up this topic here.  Feel free to
redirect me elsewhere if applicable. :-)

I noticed a question around what roles to grant and, in the process of
answering it, looked at what roles and permissions are currently defined
on the system.  These currently defined roles don't quite make sense to
me -- for instance, there seems to be no suitable role for a developer
in a project, "co-project owner" is the same as "project owner" so why
not use one or the other, and "project contributor" doesn't grant any
rights.  Being new to this site I am not familiar with the historic
context so I figured I'd bring it up and see if anybody can tell me (a)
why the roles are defined the way they are and (b) who is responsible
for it?

I would expect we will need:
- Observer: Can view (but not change) project resources, can submit new
  tracker artifacts but not change existing ones, and can subscribe and
  post to mailing lists.
- Developer: Observer + can change project resources (e.g. source code,
  tracker artifacts, documents, and so on).
- Project Owner: Developer + administrative access to project functions
  and grants members roles.
There may be other roles but these three typically cover the vast
majority of needs out there.

Any thoughts?




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