[Incubator] PLEASE READ & REPLY: cvs/svn and svn/svn import to OSGeo.org

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed May 10 19:24:13 EDT 2006

Daniel Brookshier wrote:
> Project Name:


> Contact name and email:

Frank Warmerdam (warmerdam at pobox.com)

> Do you want to copy your repository history to OSGeo?: (y/n)


> Repository type and version (like SVN 3.1):

We will be generating the repository with cvs2svn and can select a
desired SVN version for the working repository.

> Where are you are currently hosted (custom, CodeHaus, Source Forge, etc.):

maptools.org CVS.

> Do you have the capability to dump to a svn tarball?:(y/n)


> How many files:

Approximately 2000

> Approximate size of repository (if you can do a svnadmin dump is ideal):

I anticipate it will be on the order of 60MB.

> The question about actually moving the repository history is important. 
> I need to know how many of you plan to do this to scope operation's 
> people's time. Porting your entire repository history is not a 
> requirement. As an example, MapGuide chose to just import their latest 
> release. There is something to be said for starting out clean. I have 
> seen some folks just create snapshots of major release to tar files and 
> not even put them in the repository. Depends on what you think is 
> important verses clutter.

For code traceability purposes it is important to me to have all the

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