[Incubator] PLEASE READ & REPLY: cvs/svn and svn/svn import to OSGeo.org

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu May 11 16:09:13 EDT 2006

Daniel Brookshier wrote:
> Greetings folks, I need some quick answers from you right away.
> I am working on getting your current repositories moved to the OSGeo 
> platform. We are doing a little creative work to get this done because 
> importing a repository tar ball has been seen as an enterprise service 
> as opposed to something SOP in an open source community. This also the 
> first time we have seen a community come together from a set of 
> well-established projects. Most of our communities are composed of new 
> projects. So in order to make this work, I need some information. 
> Project Name:


> Contact name and email:

Cameron Shorter - you can get email from this message.

> Do you want to copy your repository history to OSGeo?: (y/n)

No.  I assume rest of questions are now not needed, so I will only 
answer the ones I know off the top of my head.

> Repository type and version (like SVN 3.1):

SVN, version ?

> Where are you are currently hosted (custom, CodeHaus, Source Forge, etc.):


> Do you have the capability to dump to a svn tarball?:(y/n)


> How many files:
> Approximate size of repository (if you can do a svnadmin dump is ideal):
> The question about actually moving the repository history is important. 
> I need to know how many of you plan to do this to scope operation's 
> people's time. Porting your entire repository history is not a 
> requirement. As an example, MapGuide chose to just import their latest 
> release. There is something to be said for starting out clean. I have 
> seen some folks just create snapshots of major release to tar files and 
> not even put them in the repository. Depends on what you think is 
> important verses clutter.

I'd strongly suggest everyone keep all their history.
It is very useful for analysis of development practices and the like and 
studying the Open Source way.

> Note, you can always start with your current version. So there is no 
> need to wait for this effort to take place. With svn it is a simple 
> matter to merge the tip of the deep history with the current work. Just 
> make sure you don't do a lot of fancy refactoring of the directory 
> structure. 
> Please reply ASAP because I need to get things started.
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Cameron Shorter

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