[Incubator] GeoTools Mentor Needed

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Sep 14 23:43:18 EDT 2007

Jody Garnett wrote:
> Jody Garnett wrote:
>> I would like to consider a change to tactics - concentrate on the end 
>> goal of getting (c) sorted out. And then see how OSGeo can assist. 
>> Even if the board can be decisive and say *we support exactly* the 
>> following it would be a great help.
> One suggestion made offline was that GeoTools developers keep their (c) 
> and leave the OSGeo Foundation out of it? Apparently this is what other 
> projects are doing?
> We never knew .... how many projects are handling things that way?


This is pretty much the default behavior for open source projects
since assigning copyright involves substantial paperwork.  I can say
that this approach is used by GDAL, MapServer, GRASS.  FDO and MapGuide
leave the copyright with the copyright holders but use a strongly worded
contribution agreement that gives the foundation special rights with
regard to licensing and distribution.  I *assume* that Mapbender,
MapBuilder, OSSIM, OpenLayers, QGIS, gvSIG and GeoNetwork leave
the copyright with the original holder, though I don't know that for
sure. I gather OpenLayers does have some sort of strong contributor
agreement so perhaps it fits more into the FDO/MapGuide approach.

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