[Incubator] GeoFunctions Incubation Application

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 19:16:57 EDT 2007

As discussed earlier I'm very supportive of your project and think there 
is plenty of use cases where it would be used when it comes of age.
At the moment you are in the tough early part of a project's life cycle 
where there are lots of good ideas and lots of work still to be done. 
Publicity and promotion (as could be provided by OSGeo) are likely to be 
useful for you.

OSGeo on the other hand has a goal of promoting Open Source Geospatial 
Software by show casing the best Open Source Geospatial software 
available. Unfortunately this doesn't quite align with your goals. Ie, I 
don't think GeoFunctions is mature enough for OSGeo graduation yet.

What I suggest is that you request something similar to the MOSS4G 
project - a Mobile client. MOSS4G are using the OSGeo infrastructure 
(svn, bug list etc) but are not officially promoted by OSGeo.

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> I received this incubation application this morning from Peter Rushforth.
> Peter, I would encourage you to join the incubator mailing list to answer
> questions on your application from the committee.
>   http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/incubator
> ---
> Dear Incubation Committee,
> Please find attached my responses to the questionnaire which I found
> on your web site, for a project I propose to call "GeoFunctions".  I have
> a small code base (attached), as you can see from the responses, which 
> I am anxious
> to share and broaden through the open source collaboration process.
> Also, please find attached the geofunctions library, as it stands at this
> time, for your review and information.
> Making this an OSGEO project is desirable in my view.  I would gain the
> possible addition of like-minded OSGEO members.  In addition, I will
> try to recruit some XSLT developers from the XSL community, which is
> also very large.
> I have created a mailing list and project on sourceforge, and my next
> step is to set up a web site.  I rented server hosting for a year
> (geofunctions.org)
> (actually, I've got 9 months left in my year, so I've got to get going!),
> but if OSGEO was willing to host, I would be happy to move there, as
> OSGEO is the focus for the open source community.  Having access to a
> tomcat server would make on-line demonstrations possible, although I 
> don't
> know if you do that sort of thing.
> I hope you will give due consideration to my application for 
> GeoFunctions for
>  incubator status in OSGEO!
> Sincerely,
> Peter Rushforth
> Technology Advisor / Conseiller technique
> GeoConnections / GéoConnexions
> 650-615 Booth St. / rue Booth
> Ottawa ON K1A 0E9
> E-mail / Courriel: Peter.Rushforth at NRCan.gc.ca
> Phone / Télephone: (613) 943-0784
> Fax / telecopier:  (613) 947-2410
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