[Incubator] GeoFunctions Incubation Application

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Sep 18 22:21:58 EDT 2007

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Peter,
> As discussed earlier I'm very supportive of your project and think there 
> is plenty of use cases where it would be used when it comes of age.
> At the moment you are in the tough early part of a project's life cycle 
> where there are lots of good ideas and lots of work still to be done. 
> Publicity and promotion (as could be provided by OSGeo) are likely to be 
> useful for you.
> OSGeo on the other hand has a goal of promoting Open Source Geospatial 
> Software by show casing the best Open Source Geospatial software 
> available. Unfortunately this doesn't quite align with your goals. Ie, I 
> don't think GeoFunctions is mature enough for OSGeo graduation yet.
> What I suggest is that you request something similar to the MOSS4G 
> project - a Mobile client. MOSS4G are using the OSGeo infrastructure 
> (svn, bug list etc) but are not officially promoted by OSGeo.

Peter / Cameron,

I must admit I feel the same way.  The foundation is primarily interested
in projects that are in good working condition, and already have
substantial developer and user interest.  I think that GeoFunctions is
both too new and has too small a community to make a good OSGeo project.

However, I would like to see it prosper.  If OSGeo infrastructure
(trac/svn) would be of benefit that is a possibility.  I also wonder if it
would make sense for GeoFunctions to be loosely affiliated with some
existing project.

I sort of have the same problem with libraries like libtiff, libgeotiff
and PROJ.4.  I think they are useful parts of the "OSGeo Stack" but
it isn't clear to me that they have substantial enough communities to
justify being freestanding foundation projects with the overhead that
this implies.

Best regards,
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