[Incubator] Motion for MapServer to graduate incubation

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Thu Dec 4 09:54:08 EST 2008

Thanks Jody: I'll update the spreadsheet on dxfcolor.h. That's scheduled for removal 
in 5.4. Not because there are problems, it's just that is not used at all.

As for speed? The problem wasn't the incubation process, it was myself. Incubation 
work was very sporadic with development work taking priority. Now, if priorities could 
have been flipped, perhaps with a carrot at the end of incubation, then things may well 
have  progressed much faster. By carrots I'm thinking of things like enhanced prominence 
on the OSGeo website, access to OSGeo infrastructure and marketing. Projects in
incubation enjoy basically the same benefits, save the * on homepage, as those that
made it through. Perhaps that was inevitable with the initial batch.


>>> Jody Garnett <jody.garnett at gmail.com> 12/03/08 7:00 PM >>>
Looks good :-)


I noted that dxfcolor.h is still waiting for feedback - probably not 
Do you have and feedback on the incubation process - is there any way we 
could of made this faster for the MapServer community?

Nice work - congratulations.

Chris Holmes wrote:
> As the MapServer incubation mentor, I believe the project has met all
> the incubation requirements (and more) and am incredibly pleased to
> raise the following motion:
>    I move that the Incubation Committee recommend MapServer to the OSGeo
>    board for graduation from incubation, with Steve Lime as the project
>    liaison to the board.
> Please review the project incubation status and vote so that if
> the motion passes we can recommend MapServer graduation at the next
> OSGeo board meeting (on December 12).  The incubation status document
> can be found at:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/MapServer_incubation_status
> I'll start the voting with a +1
> best regards,
> Chris
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