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Jeroen Ticheler Jeroen.Ticheler at geocat.net
Tue May 26 07:23:52 EDT 2009

Hi Adrian and others,
I have followed the thread with interest but also with wonder and more  
and more outright frustration. I'm a complete outsider to the  
geotools / geotoolkit developments and discussion, but I find it  
frustrating to see finger-pointing and insinuating claims go in all  
directions. It is clear to all of us on this list that some deep  
frustration lies behind the forking of GeoTools into geotoolkit. The  
question is if this justifies having such frustration ventilating  
emails posted in a continuous stream? I think not.
To give my point of view on the forking doesn't make much sense. I get  
the impression there is way to much personal damage already done to  
think a fork could be avoided. It just makes me wonder if this  
couldn't have been resolved at an earlier stage during face to face  
meetings. What I see happening now is that even a moderators on the  
incubator committee become the target of this frustration. I think  
that is a bridge too far.
I welcome useful technical discussions like the one on DVCS, I welcome  
the discussions on alternative project management practices and think  
nobody opposes such discussions. I don't welcome finger-pointing  
etc... and would also very much welcome more consideration for  
sensible arguments Frank put forward as to why geotoolkit would have  
to wait a bit before going through incubation. Nobody says it never  
Looking forward to see more mutual respect drive the discussions,  

On May 26, 2009, at 12:35 PM, Adrian Custer wrote:

> Hello all,
> After several attempts over these past few days, I cannot find any way
> to answer Jody's emails elegantly so I will not rebut his points in
> detail. If anyone is interested in any particular point he raises, I  
> can
> extract my understanding of those events as written in my earlier  
> drafts
> and send that out.
> Jody's original email appears to me as a list of issues which have
> struck him in recent times but wrapped as if coming on behalf of the
> full community due to his position on the PMC and leaving an
> unfortunately large room for innuendo. I am sure I can offer my own
> interpretation of each of his points, why no 'decisions' were taken by
> anyone on the community's behalf, why the JAXB fiasco can be  
> interpreted
> as a tale of intolerance or strategic blocking on one side and of
> bending over backwards to accommodate the needs of others from the
> other, and why Jody's attempt at concurrency stands as one of his
> personal coding failures and his implicit imposition, for his own
> profit, on the time and expertise of Martin. However, none of that
> advances any of us, so I think it best to register the existence of my
> alternative view and move on.
> On the issue of the public accessibility of the GeoTools  
> administration
> list, Jody is absolutely right and I stand corrected; I have found the
> archives on Sourceforge and they are indeed visible to all.
> sincerely,
> --adrian
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