[Incubator] New Incubation Applicant: GeoServer

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 00:16:51 EDT 2009

>> Indeed if we had a tradition of going through the process once; and
>> then helping along the "next" project this committee would be a bit
>> more fluid.
> Jody,
> I see we have 65 subscribers to the incubator list, many of whom I
> assume might be good mentor candidates.  I agree that representatives
> of projects that have completed the process are the most likely mentor
> candidates for new projects.
> What reaching out do you propose beyond this on-list exchange?

Well I sent a couple private emails asking :-)

> One other thing I might suggest is that we could relax the rule that says
> a person can only mentor one project at a time.

Not sure how sustainable that is; but yes that is another approach.


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