[Incubator] Is there a method for updating an incubationlisting?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Oct 15 15:56:44 EDT 2009

Bob Basques wrote:
> Frank,
> Please forgive this newbies comments . . . but . . .
> I see the Edit box once I've logged in, but how do I see what I'm 
> editing?  Do I just replace with a completely new page (fill the edit 
> box with old and new) or does it populate with the existing somehow (I 
> don't see a way to make it do it)  I could plop the page source in there 
> for editing . . . . sorry, still stumped . . . I mean will these new 
> edits be appended (why I haven't done anything yet, or is there a way to 
> replace, or ????


You want to edit in the relatively tiny "Description:" box near the
bottom of the Trac page, and should be prepopulated with the
description text.  You don't want to do it in the "Comment" field which
would just append a new copy.

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