[Incubator] Recommend deegree for graduation

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Oct 29 22:45:23 EDT 2009

Jody Garnett wrote:
> Hi Cameron:
> Your feedback is getting lost in the shuffle; there is an incubation
> meeting tonight (at 2am!) where hopefully the contents of this
> proposal will be talked about;


The meeting is past.  I don't think Camrons input got lost in the
shuffle.  There was a response from the degree team on the question
of funding sources that clarified there are many organizations
providing funding (presumably mostly through the vehicle of lat-lon).

 >  I don't feel we have had enough
> discussion and dialog as incubation committee members review the
> documentation to act during this evenings meeting.

I agree.  We still have work to do as a committee reviewing documents
and asking questions before I think a motion to graduate is appropriate.

> So it look like we have two things to think about:
> - diversity of developer community (if lat/lon goes under what other
> organisations are represented)

I was pleased to see some diversity on the PSC.  I'm assuming that
if lat/lon when under or changed directions radically that at least
a few developers would fork off providing services and support to
deegree for the user organizations who are deploying it and providing
funding now.

I would say, I don't think deegree is much worse off in this regard
than MapGuide was with regard to Autodesk.

> - by similar token diversity of the PSC / relationship to the TMC

I am particularly interested to hear if the current TMC is seen
as adequately community oriented and participatory from the perspective
of non-lat/lon contributors to deegree.  Jody, if you can shed any
light on this based on watching the project mailing lists it would
be valued.

> I was worried that deegree may of introduced the PSC in order to
> appease the incubation process; when their existing TMC was performing
> the role already.

The TMC seems to be two people (a very small committee from my point
of view!) and seems to make essentially all technical decisions.  I
understand the PSC is essentially the court of appeal if a technical
decision made by the PSC is considered unacceptable to a developer.
Even if it only does this and a few other broad project oriented things
it would be fine with me.

Have there been technical disagreements in the time you have watched
the project Jody?  How were they worked out?

It's so much easier with a project like GeoTools where there was an
obvious schism to judge things on the basis of. OK, that wasn't
necessarily the greatest success of OSGeo style governance.  :-)

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