[Incubator] deegree incubation progress - who has the ball?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jan 12 22:40:02 EST 2010

Jody Garnett wrote:
> When we last checked in on the incubation progress for deegree - we
> were all a bit distracted with FOSS4G (indeed this mailing list was
> quiet). I know the deegree team has had their hands full focused on
> deegree 3 and have been kind in not pestering us for suggestions or
> action.
> So near as I can tell the ball is firmly in our court. I have had a
> couple of IRC discussions since October, and reviewed some of the
> degree website and documentation with Frank. Is there anything more
> for us to do?


The ball is in your court to raise a motion of graduation if you are
satisfied with the status of deegree.  My primary concern was whether
community discussion and decision making were working effectively in
a fashion satisfactory to outside contributors.

Note that the motion should:
  o Have "Motion:" in the subject.
  o Should name the proposed official representative for deegree (ie OSGeo VP, 
  o Should be open for seven days to give time for discussion and review
    before people vote.

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