[Incubator] GeoMajas Graduation Recommendation

Pieter De Graef pieter.degraef at geosparc.com
Tue Oct 12 08:29:36 EDT 2010

  The funny thing is that Geosparc's business plan is entirely based on 
a properly balanced open source project. A good democratic community 
process is in Geosparc's best interest, as it can give more assurances 
that the needs of the many are met. This in turn should result in more 
opportunities for Geosparc (and other companies using Geomajas).

Op 12/10/2010 14:16, Frank Warmerdam schreef:
> Pieter De Graef wrote:
>>  Thanks Frank,
>> I'm very pleased to hear you say that.
>> In regard to the PSC, I have been thinking about simply inviting 
>> someone with Open Source experience (from OSGeo?) to help out in 
>> determining the general direction....but I'm not sure yet if that's a 
>> good idea.
> Pieter,
> Well, with luck Paul might agree to stay on your mailing list and provide
> some advice from time to time.  I'd suggest not actually adding someone
> to your PSC who isn't fairly committed to your project.  But (in my
> opinion) it would be good to have an outside serious user of your project
> on the PSC to represent user community needs even if they aren't actually
> a developer.
> At some point, when there are more good outside candidates for the PSC
> you might even having one or more inside folks step down to help
> rebalance things.
> The key, in my mind, is to eventually provide assurance to the 
> contributor
> and user community that the project is able to act in ways that are not
> entirely tied to the business wishes of Geosparc.
> Best regards,

Pieter De Graef

Community Manager
GeoSparc nv.

Chairman of the Geomajas project

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