PostGIS Graduation (was:Re: [Incubator] Incubation meeting 18 - today)

Seven (aka Arnulf) seven at
Mon May 21 05:46:19 EDT 2012

Jody, All,
I am in Prague at FOSS4G-CEE and give my keynote during the first slot
at 3pm and will probably not be able to start a side thread for the
meeting while I am on stage (though I might try, like: look how OSGeo
works... :-). Not sure whether I can make it at the late meeting but
will try anyway. Otoh you do not really need me to propose PostGIS for
graduation unless there are open questions (which should have been asked
on the mailing list).

It would be great if someone from Incubation could please make the
motion to propose PostGIS for Graduation if I am not there.


CCing the PostGIS Gurus in the hope that someone can join the IRC chat
tonight and answer to any open questions, see time slots on the Wiki
page as indicated below.

On 05/21/2012 02:15 AM, Jody Garnett wrote:
> Same time slots as last time:
>   * First: Australia 11pm India 6:30pm Europe 3pm America 9am
>     <>
>   * Second: Australia 7am India 2:30am Europe 11pm America 5pm
>     <>
> Cameron has noticed a that sydney has suffered a timezone change:
> Cameron do you want to push back the second meeting by an hour? 
> The agenda is on the wiki and welcomes your additions:
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